Anjelica comes on to me like a man, all slim-hipped swagger, relentless, dangling

that red, ‘57 T-Bird at me like dessert. Lemme take you for a ride, chica, she sez

after acting class. I figure what’s the harm, but Ms Angel Food gets out of hand. I

don’t count on her heart-shaped ass, or those brown nipples crammed in my mouth.

I don’t count on the Dial-O Matic four-way, power leather seats, the telescoping

steering wheel, or the frantic pleasure of her face between my thighs. I admit, I’ve

always been driven to sin. But Anjelica’s far from blameless. She rides me hard,

week after week, double clutches me into ecstasy, hipbone against hipbone, the

dulcet, lingering groan of our gears, grinding. When I confess the affair to my

boyfriend he jacks himself off in the galley kitchen, comes all over his unattainable

fantasies. He says he doesn’t consider sex between women to be cheating, and begs

me to set up a threesome. I tell him the T-Bird’s a two-seater, and watch his face fall.

I could end it, but why? All I can say is, I want her for myself. All I can say is, I’m

a die-hard romantic. Anyone I do, I do for love.


©Alexis Rhone Fancher 2015.

First published in The Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Dec. 2015